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Turn your mobile into a gun; Shoot enemies in your backyard.
KillAR Augmented Reality Game

Kill enemies in your backyard

KillAR is a fast-paced first-person shooter augmented reality game. The player can shoot fantasy characters in a real-world environment. Combining Augmented Reality and First Person Shooter battles bring gaming in your everyday life. This is an experimental game rather than a hardcore shooting game

Every enemy is after killing you so don’t let your guard down.  KillAR FPS shooting game allows you to turn a mobile phone into a gun. This FPS game is fun yet very challenging. 


Category: Shooter, Experimental, FPS

Release: 2019 July

Platform(s): Android

Mode: Single-Player


Concept & Direction: Yeden Sherpa

Programming: Binaya Paudel

3D assets & Level Design: Manjil Thapa


For game logos, screenshots and more information about KillAR FPS Shooting Game. Visit or download press-kit from here.

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