Namaste, I’m Yeden Sherpa and I love making games; specifically telling stories. I’ve been making games since my teenage. For the past 2 years, I’ve been working solely on Ang the story of a kid and his homeland. I always saw myself as a storyteller and that’s how Ang was born 2 years ago.  The story of Ang is so important to me to prove myself that I can narrate the great story.

Ang is not a 2.5D atmospheric survival puzzle platformer game driven by an insane physics system that governs the environment and the player.

The land of Ang is invaded completely away by the new world and everything he is gone. He needs to survive and bring back what his is taken. This weak kid Ang needs to survive harsh and new environments. As time progress he needs to evolve strong.

The core mechanics of this game (Ang) is about Cause and Effect. Player need to tackle with the effect of changes cause by player to the environment and vice versa.

To be honest, I’m frightened to complete this game. Because it is so important to me, but being an indie dev recovering from an ulcer, a brother to support financially on his study, depending upon few freelance works with no jobs and a small team to support is very frustrating. Since Kick-starter or IndieGogo crowdfunding is not possible in my country.

For this game, I took inspiration from my own experiences. To be honest, Ang is my own representation in a virtual world. The art style and the architecture in the game are inspired by the Newari and Tibetan/Himalayan (Buddhists) architectures. The way of telling a story is very personal and unique; I’m inspired by the way of storytelling of Hayao Miyazaki.

I want this game to be like movies with one and a half hours of unique experience. I want people to complete this whole story.

Yeden Sherpa

Risk and Challenges

Developing game is hard, time consuming and costly. We don’t have enough fund to complete the game and also we don’t want to drop this project just because of finance.

Although the story/idea sounds great on paper and talking, it is very difficult to execute in the actual game. Since games are very interactive and can be different for different players.